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  • BIM Libraries we provide object libraries for professionals with Archicad and Revit programs
  • IT Support Architect's toolbelt consists of many different systems and devices. Lets us help you to manage and control these systems.
  • Training New technologies are useful if you know how to use them. With our guidance, you can get the most out of your systems.

Our products

  • Manufacturer Libraries Ready-made blocks according to your needs
  • Tuote- ja markkinointikuvat


  • 3D Modeling 3D digital images according to your wishes
  • Transformer The Transformer is an extension for Archicad that extracts the data into the conversion table of the plan. The plugin retrieves data from all the change arrows placed in the data model, while Archicad's own tables retrieve data only from the bottoms. In addition to the foundations, the Transformer goes through cuts, facades, work drawings, details and plans. For more info, contact